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 365 Days of Writing in 2013!

Are you ready for the 365 Days of Writing Challenge? Beginning January 1, 2013, the authors (and moderators of this blog) will be challenging writers to pen ONE entry a day in their books for an entire year! We encourage you to spend 10-15 minutes each day – morning, afternoon, or evening – writing whatever comes to your mind when you see one of the 365 prompts anywhere in the book. You can start from the beginning of the book…or randomly pick a page…how you choose your prompt for the day is entirely up to you. So is what you choose to write about the prompt…but we’re hoping you’ll share some of your favorite gems with us!

If you like what you’ve written, submit it to us to be posted on the blog! All submissions should be emailed to info {at} 365thingstowrite {dot} com. Submissions can be typed or submitted as a photo of the page which you would like to have posted. If you submit your post as a photo, please be sure the image is in focus and legible so that readers are clearly able to see what you have written. In the event the writing is not legible, but you have drawn a picture on the page that you would like readers to see, please send the photo, along with your entry re-typed into the body of the email. We will notify you when your entry has been posted on the blog.

Information about the 365 Things to Write About Blog – 

Welcome to the blog of 365 things to write about (based on the book 365 Things to Write About!)! For anyone unfamiliar with this nifty writing journal, it contains 365 topics like “Friday night,” “Quicksand,” and the “Taj Mahal” at the top of blank lined pages. The idea is for you to write about each thing in whatever style you want. So if you see the word “Midnight,” you can write a short story, description, poem, song, or whatever you feel like saying about “midnight” because it’s your journal, your rules!

This site features posts from various writers who have written about any of the 365 things featured in the journal. If you have this book and would like to submit one of your creative entries to be posted here, please submit it to info {at} 365thingstowrite {dot} com.

And if you don’t have this book, we highly recommend going to and buying it right now!

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  1. Hello! Great Homeschool Conventions would like to invite 365 Things to Write About to be an exhibitor with us as our 2012 homeschool conventions! We are excited to host FIVE homeschool conventions this coming year.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience to receive an exhibitor packet for your review.
    You can check us out at!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Kim McMillan
    (513) 748-6998

    • Hi Kim,

      We would certainly love to get more information from you about the homeschool conventions. I have sent you an email requesting an exhibitor packet from our email.


  2. I love the concept of your blog, it sounds great. I love to write, unfortunately work has been taking a lot of time lately so I haven’t had much of a chance on my own blog, but thank so much for visiting and following it!

  3. strawberryquicksand

    It sounds like fun and a real challenge. Is the list just available somewhere or does one actually have to purchase the book? Sounds like a great money spinner for whoever came up with that one!!! 🙂

    • The book is available on Amazon. There is also an eBook version which costs 99 cents. I like writing in the book (sometimes I draw little pictures on the pages with the stories or poems, but I know a few writers who prefer to explore the prompts in their own notebooks. 🙂

  4. “365thingstowriteabout” actually makes me
    contemplate a small bit extra. I enjoyed each and every individual
    element of this post. Thanks -Chang

  5. Love this! Thanks!

  6. Hi, I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, so I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, congratulations! Please go here for more information:


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