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Pandora’s Box

Orange County narrowly missed total destruction earlier today when seven-year-old Pandora threatened to open the box that would unleash chaos and pandemonium into the Southern California communities surrounding the much-loved tourist attraction, Disneyland.

Fortunately for Orange County residents and So Cal commuters, the Aquabats were nearby and rushed to save the day.

“We were at a stage off smack dab in the middle of the OC filming our new TV show when we got word of what was going down,” MC Bat Commander announced to the press. “But as soon as we heard Pandora wanted to pry open that box, Hollywood came second to saving our home base.”

When the Aquabats arrived on the scene, they found an angry Pandora in a face off with her mother, Harriet, who was demanding she hand over the box. But Pandora refused.

“Pandora thought the box had her birthday gift in it,” her mother explained. “But that box actually contained the ashes of my evil great-Aunt Portia. She was an awful, hateful witch of a woman who spit on everyone who crossed her path. If Pandora opened that box, all hell would break loose with Portia’s wrath.

Despite the dangers involved in reasoning with a precocious seven-year-old, the Aquabats knew they had to find a way to distract her before the vengeful ghost of evil great-Aunt Portia wreaked havoc on the Inland Empire.

“There wasn’t much time before she pulled open that lid, so we had to act fast!” recalled the Aquabats’ Eaglebones.

The costumed crusaders had only one chance to outwit Pandora, and it had to be good. With time running out, they scrambled to devise a plan – and then Jimmy the Robot had an idea and disappeared into the next door neighbor’s backyard.

Moments later he emerged, trailed by a whimpering Mrs. Cohen, 76, who begged him to be careful with the precious cargo in his arms…three six-week-old kittens,

“Mew,” one of them cried.

Hearing the pitiful meow, Pandora immediately looked away from the box and spotted the tiny, adorable kittens curled in Jimmy the Robot’s large arms.

“Kitties!” she cried, abandoning the box with evil great-Aunt Portia’s remains, which the Aquabats’ Crash promptly confiscated and turned over to Pandora’s frazzled mother.

And so the Aquabats managed to save the day and prevent great-Aunt Portia’s ashes from darkening the sunny skies of Southern California.

Harriet quickly dissolved the entire box of evil great-Aunt Portia’s remains into a tub of lye in the garage while Pandora played house with Mrs. Cohen’s kittens in the backyard. Meanwhile, the Aquabats returned to their sound stage and resumed taping scenes for their new super show.

“I’d say it was a purr-fect ending to the day,” Ricky said happily, as the other Aquabats nodded and agreed.

– Written by Miss A on August 3, 2011



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