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I’d like to run my fingers over the ocean

Touch the smooth curves of each wave

Bask in the sun dancing on the surf

Dive below into the deep

Enveloped by the cool, dark blue blanket

An endless stream of comfort, calm, quiet

A world in a world of its own

Where everyone lets you be, even the roaming sharks

Sharp noses pointed away as they glide above the sandy bottom

There is no wild rush, no greedy mob

Gunning to hunt me down amidst the coral reefs

Their stars stretched lazily across the rock of fame.

I’d like to curl my limbs into the cavernous shell

Intertwine my legs against its spiral wall

Lull my tired lids to sleep with the tonal echo

Still waters rocking gently against my frazzled skull

Wrapped in bubbles and soundless fish kisses

Hidden from sea level pressures

Lost in the world in a world of its own

Where no one cares who you were or what you have

Their drifting forms wandering along the ocean floor

Alive for the sake of existence, nothing more

The purest thoughts of the simplest life

Found among a million creatures dwelling in harmony

Because no one speaks a word.

Written by Miss A on August 29, 2011

About 365 Things to Write About

I'm inspired by almost anything and everything creative - nature, architecture, art, words, music...I like to roam along streets, through foreign countries, and within my mind where the world is full of endless possibilities. I dream of being an idealist, but I've experienced too many harsh realities for that wish to ever be true. Therefore, I look for the hope and the good in small nuances, and I express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me on pages and canvases whenever I can.

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