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Some people call it a magic carpet, but I don’t. There’s no such thing as magic. This is a flying rug, and without a doubt the best one in production today. The Baby-Baba Model 7RS.

With a top-lateral speed of 250 kmph, the Baby-Baba 7RS literally leaves all other flying rugs in the dust. This is of course due to its super lightweight build and dual micro-jet engines. While these specs are quite impressive, what makes Baby-Baba brand flying rugs truly remarkable is their operating system and user interface. Their slogan, “so easy a baby can drive it,” is true in every word. All of their products are made specifically for babies and the 7RS is no exception. Baby-Baba’s Baby Brain Drive Train uses a dual process design. One processor mimics a baby’s brain and the other is strictly logical. Together they are able to correctly predict the seemingly unpredictable nature of a baby’s mind. As the logical processor is given priority, when the baby decides to make an illogical maneuver, the device will simply deliver a gently electric shock to the baby and continue on its path. Some have nicknamed this system “Darwin Drive” as about 2% of the babies used in testing wouldn’t get with the program and actually shocked themselves to death. Don’t be alarmed, none of the dead babies were American. Thanks to recent trade agreements, most of the babies used in present-day testing are Asian brand because they’re indisputably more intelligent. Of course, not every baby is a smart baby, which is the primary cause of the 2% failure rate. Trust us, most babies are 100% safe to drive the 7RS. Although Baby-Baba doesn’t recommend it, the 7RS will carry a  adult at a maximum speed of 100 kmph. However, the mind of an adult is typically too logical to properly drive the 7RS. Baby-Baba is supposedly considering releasing an adult version of their flying rug, but no official statement has been released as of yet.

CONCLUSION: The Baby-Baba 7RS is a truly remarkable flying rug and is absolutely the safest and fastest model available for babies and children under 12.

PROS: 250 kmph top speed. New dual micro-jet engines. Baby Brain Drive Train (patent pending).

CONS: Not safe for adults. Tested on babies. 2% failure rate (nicknamed Darwin Drive).

MSRP: $249,999.99

Price as tested: $225,000.00

– Written by Mr T. on September 14, 2011


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