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Long and glistening,

Cold, pointed steel

Stretching forward

To gaze upon one

With a piercing stare –


Scalding reflections

Seared with fiery powers

Bold enough to split

The weaker whole in two,

Slice brittle skin,

To kiss the warm red

Blood that surfaces

Free to escape

Drip and flow where –

Kissing the shiny blade

Before it runs away,

The cutthroat weapon

Sharp enough to kill

Whatever vagrant

Steps across its way.

– Written by Miss A on October 28, 2011


About 365 Things to Write About

I'm inspired by almost anything and everything creative - nature, architecture, art, words, music...I like to roam along streets, through foreign countries, and within my mind where the world is full of endless possibilities. I dream of being an idealist, but I've experienced too many harsh realities for that wish to ever be true. Therefore, I look for the hope and the good in small nuances, and I express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me on pages and canvases whenever I can.

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