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Genie, Written by Miss A on February 26, 2012


You rub it twice – the golden lamp that looks more like the gravy boat your grandma sets on the table every Thanksgiving – and a thick, white smoke trails from the spout. Patchouli scent wafts through the air, growing stronger with the billowing smoke which fills the room…

And when you cough and rub your eyes, he appears. The genie. Tall, broad-shouldered, and bronzed. His black hair masked with a silken blue turban threaded with the finest strands of gold. Dark bushy eyebrows rest peacefully above brown, almond-shaped eyes that crinkle in the corners when his dark moustached mouth breaks into a cheeky smile.

With his strong, muscular arms crossed in front of his bare chest, he nods and greets in a deep, baritone voice, “Hello there. I am your genie, here to grant you three wishes.”

Thick, golden rings dangle from his brown ears. Thick bands of gold wrap themselves around his biceps, and again around his strong wrists.

“Um, excuse me,” he says, waving his large fingers in front of your glazed eyes. “Did you hear me? I have three wishes with your name on them.”

You nod and stare at his blue balloon pants, which float around his legs like a sun-kissed cloud. This hulk of a man who emerged from a tiny gravy boat and now floats before you with three wishes on his mind.

Three whole wishes. You might not believe it’s true, but then again, seeing a man fly from a lamp makes you think anything is possible. And so it is…

“Three wishes?” the genie asks again. “Would you care to share your three wishes with me any time soon? I certainly don’t mind the fresh air and room to stretch my legs, but your courtesy and acknowledgment would be nice to have, too.”

So there you go…your very own genie present and in the flesh. Rubbing the golden lamp was all it took to get you whatever you want in the world…

Of course, now you must decide what three things you will wish for most of all, because this genie has only three wishes to give. What are you waiting for? Rumpelstiltskin to spin your hay into gold?

– Written by Miss A on February 26, 2012

About 365 Things to Write About

I'm inspired by almost anything and everything creative - nature, architecture, art, words, music...I like to roam along streets, through foreign countries, and within my mind where the world is full of endless possibilities. I dream of being an idealist, but I've experienced too many harsh realities for that wish to ever be true. Therefore, I look for the hope and the good in small nuances, and I express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me on pages and canvases whenever I can.

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