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Word Prompt: Villain

I bet you wish you’d never met me

Never turned your back while I was with them,

Left to my own devices as you handled the call –

Someone saw smoke before there was a burn

Scorching the room where you tried to trap me,

Lock me in darkness, then flee from this place.

The fire I threatened to cast was false hope

One of us would die – I wasn’t sure it would be you

I feared it might be me –

The one you tricked into holding your flesh

Peeling like decayed petals around your neck

Where my arms could not go –

It was promised to another – the curly accomplice

Willing to stand there and watch me torn,

Ripped apart, as a meal for your soul.

I’m not sorry she’s scared of fire

Rising from leather arms holding what is mine,

Partly yours, never hers to own –

Though you wanted it that way

I found a crack in the stalemate

After you were forced to step outside

Flames licked the lighter fluid, lapped the floor

Sliding across wood, colliding against walls,

Paving a path to the back door

Where wooden fingers slap my ears

Desperate for the roar that exclaims

The look of horror personifying your undead face.

– Written by Miss A (inspired by a zombie nightmare!)

About 365 Things to Write About

I'm inspired by almost anything and everything creative - nature, architecture, art, words, music...I like to roam along streets, through foreign countries, and within my mind where the world is full of endless possibilities. I dream of being an idealist, but I've experienced too many harsh realities for that wish to ever be true. Therefore, I look for the hope and the good in small nuances, and I express my thoughts and feelings about the world around me on pages and canvases whenever I can.

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