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Word Prompt: Skyscrapers

Where the light goes

Those on zero don’t know

The glimpse of fleck and streak

Streets littered with shade

Gold don’t shine in these parts

Lofty men behind window walls

Privileged suits claim it their own

The ceiling they touch with carbon hands

Soiling the air those below will breathe

Greased clouds heavy with toil

Rolled past on assembly lines

Bursting in tears when oiled rainbows appear

Dyes tainted with smog

Chemicals scatter from penthouses above

Make rain where the light should go

It’s hidden in a vault

On the ninety-sixth floor

With the electricians they pay

Blocking the sun from shining below


Word Prompt: a Hero

You better run it hard

Sprint fast, leap high

Jump the bullet flying cold

Steel rails screeching

Flames lap parched air

Howls of yesteryear flail

Guns drawn, trains derailed

The building’s coming down

Crush, burned to the ground

Ten seconds to make your move

Run it quick, no time to slow

Clock’s ticking out.

Word Prompt: Friday night

I stood with no airs to greet the friend I’d never met

Unassuming, underwhelmed, I rang the bell

There he was, hair awry, smile as goofy,

Eyes lit in the glow of mad science, he led me in

Night alley walks, sloped and winding

A meandered trail of soundless conversation

Circling around the truths of who we were

Then, before, five minutes from now

Lost in our own shadows, content to just be

The confusion of what we couldn’t explain

Explored in the infinite space hovering overhead

We wandered through hours, find ourselves at dawn

The ions of our being connected as one

Word Prompt: Butterflies

Delicate tissue fairies

Strewn sideways in circling flights

Coasting atop swiping winds

Flapping fast to stay afloat

Meandering waves unseen but heard

Whistled whispers make known their breath

Long fingers lift gold-tip rainbows

Illustrious dances in mid-air

Around maypole trunks they flutter

Butterflies of spring

Born anew from Sun’s fragrant smile



Word Prompt: a Crush

do you like me

check yes or no

I added maybe

in case you aren’t sure

sideways smiles, curious eyes

your bashful nods

misconstrued lies?

I hope that’s not truth

longing for the best

my heart pale and dry

pounded by unrest

cracks at weakened seams

to know one reply

may split me to four

please keep me on this high

in whole, forever yours

Word Prompt: a Kiss

In my years of stoic sentry

Shining bold, pulsing bright

The City fueled with luminescent blaze

Arrows combust in tears of joy

Laughter rings from pierced chests

Lips – thin, full, pale, deep rose

Their embrace, a command to survive

Soft and tender

Firm and tense

Hungered from insatiable pains

Interlocked in furtive passions

Gentle and sweet

Knowing with wisdom’s age

Somber, despondent

Hastened by fading days

I see them all, conjoined as one

The foster of creation’s greatest womb

Sprung from the steel of mon amour


Word Prompt: Sorrow

For careless days, laughter reigned

Curled on sofas glued to TVs

No one to see, nowhere to be

Twenty bucks in one pocket

Promises for the pimpled boy

Two cheese pies balanced on one palm.


When nights were lived like days

New alleys and tunnels at every turn

A risk worth the journey

Sweet apple shots fueled abandon

Arms spread wide to fly

Certain we’d conquer the world.


For hours of contemplation

Small pieces to fill the bigger whole

Insisting tomorrow would be grand

Impatient for real peace

Change was possible, inevitable

A magic crystal ball balanced in one palm.